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About R3 Strategic Search

Retained Executive Search &
Talent Acquisition Optimization Consulting Experts

Having a wide variety of client recruiting and search experience combined with exposure to countless recruiting models, R3 recognized that it wasn't enough to be part of a firm that just provided value-driven solutions. They wanted to create a client-focused firm where they could have fun with each other and their clients. R3 enjoys establishing out of the box ideas, designing and implementing creative recruiting solutions and effecting positive change for clients and the candidates that they engage. 

With 20 years of successful collaboration between Anne and Eric on countless executive and strategic level searches and talent acquisition design/optimize/build engagements, they continue to deliver results while delighting their clients.

Diversity Retained Executive Search Partners

What's the story behind the R3 name?

The name came from an amalgamation of thinking outside of the box. So many of the challenges the founders were hearing were about being stuck in a cycle, doing things the way they’ve always been done, or being unsure of where to start. Building better is what the founders were all about so the initial company concept was easy to formulate.


After playing around with what the founders were focusing on - “Research” and “Recruiting” they recognized that in the end, clients just want “Results”. In addition, they thought about their previous work environments where most of their teammates worked in cubes. Not wanting their solutions nor their geography to be boxed in, they started playing with the 3 “R’s” and 'R' cubed came to mind. After further refining the idea, the resulting imagery kept coming back to cubes. With the focus on strategic level hiring, R3 Strategic Search was born.


After their first year in business, and to make it easier to say and remember, they distilled the name to R3 and this is where the firm name is today!

Research. Recruiting. Results

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