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Behavioral Interview Questions to Assess Business & Financial Acumen

There are countless questions interviewers can ask to assess candidate business and financial acumen, and we've narrowed down the list to 6 core questions you should leverage.


Contact us for additional questions to add to your arsenal, and more information on guiding your team to best utilize these questions and how to measure candidate responses.

Resourcefulness & Detail Orientation - Financial Acumen

Help me understand how you define your business goals; walk me through who you involve in the process as well as the tools and resources you leverage to create a budget to support your plan.

Business Presentation
Software Programmer

Analytical - Decisiveness

When was the last time you had to evaluate complex information to build a strategy or make a critical decision. Take me through the process: How did you gather information and analyze the data? What was the outcome of your work?

Business Meeting

Leadership - Financial Acumen

How have you helped educate and coach your team on the financial aspects of the business? Tell me about the formal/informal work you’ve done with them, and how you’ve measured the growth of their capabilities.

Financial Acumen - Negotiation

Tell me about the last time you had to work through a reduction in budget. How did you determine where cuts could be made and the process you utilized to limit negative impact?

Business Meeting
Financial Advisor

Prioritization - Reasoning - Negotiation

Tell me about the last big financial ‘ask’ you had of your executive team. Explain why the need was critical to build a case and how you negotiated. If you weren’t successful, what would you have done differently?

Analytical - Persuasiveness - Engagement

As building and maintaining stakeholder engagement is a critical component of effective leadership, tell me how you balance leveraging logic and emotion to drive commitment with your leaders and executive team.

Business Meeting
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