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Diverse organizations outperform their competition by 33% according to a recent survey by McKinsey.


Can you afford to miss out on the diversity advantage? Are you ensuring your search efforts drive diversity in your organization?


Download our Top 5 Actions to Drive Diverse Candidate Slates below and incorporate these best practices into your search efforts.

Yes I want to build diversity in my slates and download:

Anyone with a laptop and a phone can call themselves an executive search recruiter. And any recruiter can tell you they have grit, instincts for great hiring and will get the job done. The question is can they provide the the track record to back their claims? R3 can.

  • 0% turnover at 1 year

  • 5% turnover at 2 years

  • 30% productivity increase

  • 65% diverse hires

Are you ignoring one of the most important predictors of long-term success in your hires?

The concept of Candidate Potential and effectively measuring it, highlighted in Harvard Business Review by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, is a key element of our process. We don't just measure skills, experience and culture fit - we ensure the talent you hire is vetted to perform in the long term based on the following 5 competencies:

  1. Motivation

  2. Intellectual Curiosity

  3. Insight

  4. Engagement

  5. Determination

Show me how to measure potential by downloading

Want to know more about what makes our approach unique? Contact us at to schedule an introductory call.

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